Considering a Career in Hospitality

Anyone who has worked in an office based position can tell you that it has its perks. You work in a seated position, at your own desk, without any heavy lifting. You have air conditioning in the summer, and heated rooms in winter. Many office jobs also tend to be financially rewarding. Nevertheless, at some point, some people come to the decision that an office based existence isn’t all there is to life. If you are looking beyond your cubicle to a greener pasture, you may want to consider working in the hospitality industry overseas. Read on to find out why.

Your Direct Efforts Make People Happy

In office jobs, you are usually assigned to work on some mundane aspect of a project, never seeing how the end result satisfies clientele. In the hospitality industry, you interact directly with people more than any other type of job. You can forget about filing “TPS reports” all day. Your typical work day will be all about making people happy, and the personal satisfaction that comes along with it.

Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Unless you work for the marketing department, you’ll find that office jobs are not suited for the creative at heart. In contrast, hospitality jobs invite creativity. The hospitality industry is always trying to come up with new ways to promote and sell their product or service. The industry is also appreciative of an employee’s ability to form creative solutions to keep guests satisfied. In the field of hospitality, your creativity will never be shunned as long as it makes customers happy.

You Get International Experience

Most office dwellers get stuck in the same old building for years on end, dreaming of the day when they can get a transfer to anywhere else. With experience in hospitality, the world is your oyster. Practically every country has a hospitality industry. Apart from language barriers, hospitality is essentially the same in every part of the globe. Your skills will be easily transferable to the location of your choice. For example, being a chef in Bermuda is essentially the same as being one in Paris, aside from culinary differenes. And chefs are in big demand overseas.

Lateral and Vertical Mobility

Unlike many other jobs, every position at a hotel or resort is interrelated. A concierge will likely have thorough knowledge of how to perform the role of a reservation agent, or receptionist. The result is that it is easy to transfer into other positions because the jobs are so related that employees can change roles without requiring much training. In stark contrast, office jobs tend to be so departmentalized that one unit has no idea of how the other one works. Therefore, many office employees get stuck in stagnant roles which eventually creates job dissatisfaction.

Get Out of the 9 to 5 Rut

Your typical 8 hour daytime work schedule may be great for those that want consistency, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re tired of living the same 9 to 5 existence, and dealing with all the other nine to fivers during freeway traffic jams, it’s time to seriously consider hospitality jobs. Most roles in the hospitality industry are 24/7, meaning you’ll have the ultimate variety in work schedules. You could be working the busy noon time check out hour one day, and the tranquil overnight shift the next.

There’s Only One Way In

By now, you might have developed an interest in hospitality, but have no idea of where to start. Lucky for you, hospitality is a field with clearly defined entrance standards and many sources to obtain the required training. There are numerous accredited schools and related associations right here in the U.S. that can help you get trained before moving abroad. Most hotels and resorts accept the certifications and training provided by these institutions, so you will not have to worry about having to re-educate yourself every time you change jobs.

Fringe Benefits

It’s hard to think of any better place to take advantage of the fringe benefits than at a classy hotel or exotic resort. You won’t have to suffer through those depressing office x-mas parties or bland office buffets. In the hospitality world, you can take advantage of all the luxuries showered down upon guests. You could get a chance to eat gourmet meals, get access to exciting special events, and hang out at exclusive resorts.

Job Stability

The hospitality industry is guaranteed to be around for the long run. People will always need to travel and be entertained. Although tough economic times often prompt a slow down in the tourism industry, the job is always relevant. Also, since the job is so portable, if you experience cutbacks in one location, it is easy to seek out new work in a different place.

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